Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Jason Mraz

Have you ever been inspired by someone? ever been influenced by someone? I have.
lately,i've been greatly influenced by some pop artist named Jason even
might say that im a maniac for him..(not the guy,his music i mean.. -_-)

I first started listening to his songs when i was given an assignment to form a band with my friends,in senior high. we were in a bind deciding what songs should we friend codenamed "homo1", said "Eh pam guw punya laguw keren abeeezzz sumpacchhh! ni guw kirimin pake blutut".homo1 sent me the song and once i got home, i listened to the song..first impression:yeah..not bad. after that blah blah blah, I listened to the song everyday..i started liking the song..and eventually i became obsessed with the song.we made a bond. scary i know..but hey! it's a fact.that song was called Im Yours by Jason Mraz

Then,i downloaded (yes i know im a pirate) some of his other songs and fell in love with it too..(with the songs i mean.. not with the guy okay?) Im Yours,Make it Mine,Butterfly(now that's a jam!) there're all great just goes good on the ears.. Enough with his music, let's talk about the man himself..MR.A-Z was born in 1977 which makes his age about 33 ( correct me if im wrong.. i suck at math) from what i've seen he's caring,down to earth,cool to the breeze guy..everything about him seems cool i suppose. I started reading his blog and whoaa..that man's blog is just full of "freshness"..i mean whenever i read his cool lines i get motivated or inspirated or or or should try reading it too you know..if you're feeling down..just listen to his music and try to sing along! it'll cheer you up in no time..I know it cheered me up!

Peace Out.


Afif Muhammad said...

yoooi dah

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