Tuesday, August 25, 2009

La la la la

Yeah,it's true...you see readers,when i was in Junior High,
my happiness was at it's peak,i was happy with life,happy with friends and so on..but
all things always have an end i suppose. BUT! Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen once said to me that "Pam,believe that all things don't have an end"

Oh yeah buddy sure!,easy to say for a guy who has god-like powers and an infinite supplies of underpants at his disposal! (aww..don't cry Doctor,you know i didn't mean that! XP)

So anyways,back to topic..
TODAY! im a high school student! a miserable high scool student if you might say,High School is...boring,it's like we're repeating the same days over and over again.unlike Senior High..boy,those were the days..i used to get pumped when i was going to school! now? keh!
but,i suppose i should take fun out of it..and well...High School...? yeaah...it's getting kinda fun..

With Joy,
-Rayindra Brayantyo-

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