Thursday, January 9, 2014


“I know what it feels like, and it sucks, it really does, when you are up in the middle of the night thinking about the things that you’ve suddenly became aware of. The things you’re missing out on right now, and all the people who are not close to you anymore, and all of the good times that will never happen again, and all the people who have meant the world to you who have forgotten about you forever, and you get this awful feeling that’s kind of like a mix between loneliness and nostalgia.”
— Abraham M. Alghanem, Summer and Autumn 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Is change a bad thing... or a good thing?

Why do people change? Are they merely just adapting to their new friends and schools? is it really necessary for them to change? I'm still confused. Change could be a good thing or a bad thing.. friends, your loved ones started to change, they are no longer the same person who they were 4-3 years ago. They don't have the same personality they used to have. Looking back on all the good memories makes me really sad, I repeatedly cried and asked myself "Can I go back to the past and re-live these moments?" Of course not.

I was living in a child fantasy thinking that I could travel back in time and experience the past once again. but what if I could? would I really travel back in time? and if given the chance, would I change my past? I would do it and NOT change a thing. My past is already flawless. there's no reason to do that. heh, as if we can change the past.

As we get older, Life gets tougher. Time flows fast and people change. We can't always have fun all the time can we? No, If time moves fast, then we've gotta move faster. If life gets tough, then we've gotta toughen up. I've been so blinded and furious. Whining all the time because my friends have changed and they're no longer the same, etc. But then I realized, behind that whining and anger... I myself has changed too. Accept it. We can't stop change. Not ever. The answer lies within yourself.. will you change for the better good? or for worse? It all depends on you.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Metal Gear Blog-It

Ever heard of Metal Gear ? Of course you have. That iconic cool voice of Snake the protagonist,the cool gadgets,and walking tanks. it's almost impossible to miss a game as awesome as THAT! In "Metal Gear" you play the role of Solid Snake ( Real name David) a soldier sent by his higher-ups to inflitrate some rogue military base or something... but as Snake ventures deeper into Zanzibar Land (the base that Snake sneaks in) he discovers that "Big Boss" his commanding officer,also his father (still unknown to him) is leading the terrorist faction to start an all-out war against the world. Yeah sure,Snake stopped him of course :)..but is"Big Boss" truly dead? After the events of Metal Gear,Hideo Kojima would turn to make add another game to the this time it's called Metal Gear Solid..

Snake, now retired, is plunged back into the deep world of tactical espionage with Campbell as his C.O and other dudes and homos whatever. This time he seeks to destroy Foxhound..the
once mercenary turned military group founded by his father, Big Boss,this time he's up against his brother Liquid Snake..and he must sneak or shoot his way past through the guards in Shadow Moses Island..this is the game that started the Metal Gear Solid franchise! and you'd be a fool if you didn't play this game..for gamers i mean..

And Snake also has a great sense of humor.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Watch out below

Even cats can use the force.

What up world?

Let's all try to leave the world looking better than we found it.


With Joy
-Rayindra Brayantyo-

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Jason Mraz

Have you ever been inspired by someone? ever been influenced by someone? I have.
lately,i've been greatly influenced by some pop artist named Jason even
might say that im a maniac for him..(not the guy,his music i mean.. -_-)

I first started listening to his songs when i was given an assignment to form a band with my friends,in senior high. we were in a bind deciding what songs should we friend codenamed "homo1", said "Eh pam guw punya laguw keren abeeezzz sumpacchhh! ni guw kirimin pake blutut".homo1 sent me the song and once i got home, i listened to the song..first impression:yeah..not bad. after that blah blah blah, I listened to the song everyday..i started liking the song..and eventually i became obsessed with the song.we made a bond. scary i know..but hey! it's a fact.that song was called Im Yours by Jason Mraz

Then,i downloaded (yes i know im a pirate) some of his other songs and fell in love with it too..(with the songs i mean.. not with the guy okay?) Im Yours,Make it Mine,Butterfly(now that's a jam!) there're all great just goes good on the ears.. Enough with his music, let's talk about the man himself..MR.A-Z was born in 1977 which makes his age about 33 ( correct me if im wrong.. i suck at math) from what i've seen he's caring,down to earth,cool to the breeze guy..everything about him seems cool i suppose. I started reading his blog and whoaa..that man's blog is just full of "freshness"..i mean whenever i read his cool lines i get motivated or inspirated or or or should try reading it too you know..if you're feeling down..just listen to his music and try to sing along! it'll cheer you up in no time..I know it cheered me up!

Peace Out.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

La la la la

Yeah,it's see readers,when i was in Junior High,
my happiness was at it's peak,i was happy with life,happy with friends and so on..but
all things always have an end i suppose. BUT! Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen once said to me that "Pam,believe that all things don't have an end"

Oh yeah buddy sure!,easy to say for a guy who has god-like powers and an infinite supplies of underpants at his disposal! (aww..don't cry Doctor,you know i didn't mean that! XP)

So anyways,back to topic..
TODAY! im a high school student! a miserable high scool student if you might say,High School is...boring,it's like we're repeating the same days over and over again.unlike Senior High..boy,those were the days..i used to get pumped when i was going to school! now? keh!
but,i suppose i should take fun out of it..and well...High School...?'s getting kinda fun..

With Joy,
-Rayindra Brayantyo-

The Return of Mangoes

-Don't let the title fool you ok?-

It's been a while since i posted. i even forgot how it feels like....but's better than nothing right?? yeah i heard ya, so celebrate my "return", im giving everyone free cookies! freshly baked this morning! come and get some while their still hot (ok that was a failed attempt at a joke) tapi hidup gue semakin ngebosenin aja deh..why? well folks, we'll get into that later..right now,im gonna do a little crime fighting..see you in a jiffy fools!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Untuk kelas 8D,7B,dan semua kenang-kenangan yang ada di dalamnya.

Setiap kali kita ngelakuin sesuatu maupun kita suka ato nggak suka ngelakuin itu pasti akan berakhir suatu saat....oke mungkin itu sok asik kata - kata gue ya..tapi menurut gue sih emang begitu,kayak gini deh


7B- untungnya gue masuk ke kelas 7B..kalo nggak gue nggak
tau deh gimana gue sekarang..kalo gue boleh bilang, kita termasuk kelas 7 yang kompak waktu itu..ada afif lah tocin lah bodil lah hanif lah jodi lah adi lah dl..l di
7B banyak yang bisa diinget...kayak pas kita ke Dufan ujan - ujanan,yang cowoknya cuma dua (ditambah anak luar satu jadi tiga) tapi nggak papa deh..waktu itu seru banget kok haha...trus itu juga tuh pas kita buka puasa bareng di rumah Eya..sore-sorenya kita konvoi nyari kembang api..trus malem- malemnya abis buka puasa solat bareng- bareng semua dan abis itu kita main kembang api lamaaaa banget! maen kejar-kejar ama anak anak yang dari kampung sebelah,pas pulang pada nebeng mobil Meida semua deh. masih pada muda waktu itu (haha)..pengalaman di 7B tuh pengalaman yang bener bener sangat berharga bagi gue..


8D- gue udah nggak bisa ngomong apa apa lagi deh tentang ini...kenang- kenangan 8D tuh nggak tertandingi..bener - bener nggak bisa dilupain selamanya,dimulai dengan kemalesan gue masuk ke kelas ini.gara-gara mayoritas anak- anaknya banyak yang gue nggak kenal isinya..contoh:

-Fatih..siapa sih nih orang pendiem yang pake kacamata ? gue nggak kenal sama sekali......haha yang tau-tau nya dia bakalan jadi salah satu temen deket gue di masa depan.

-Tibo..mukanya sangar banget dan kadang - kadang gue suka ketawa - tawa sendiri ngeliatnya walopun gue nggak kenal dulu..kocak banget orangnya kalo lagi mlotot

-Wahyu..yang gue tau dia dulu dipanggil "Nobody" gara - gara maenya sendiri melulu sambil baca komik kayak ke isep ke dunia komiknya sendiri....tau-taunya sifat aslinya hiperaktif banget dan sering nge-hibur orang kalo lagi Be-Te

-Audri..orang tinggi ini waktu itu gue kira dia anak aksel..dari segi batin sama luarnya alim banget soalnya..pas pelajaran Olahraga aja bajunya dimasukin,trus pendiem waktu awal kita masuk kelas...anaknya pinter luar biasa..yang tau-taunya gue sekelas sama dia lagi di tahun berikutnya dan jadi lebih gila dan gokil anaknya haha.

-Tossy..anak baru dari Jakapermay yang awalnya sering diejek-ejekin sama Arfi soalnya kelakuanya agak aneh dan diem melulu...dan tos gue maaf banget! yang waktu itu gue ngusir lo dari tempat duduk haha! maaf abis ya!...trus sampe sekarang dia masih sering nggak jelas gitu deh haha susah jelasinya..asik lo tos!

-Abi..anak berbadan gede ini seringkali gue ketuker sama..ada lah anak namanya Aji yang mirip banget sama dia,mereka kelas 7 sekelas lagi! jadi susah deh ngebedainya...orangnya agak aneh sih..waktu awalnya dia sering ketawa - tawa,senyum dengan sendiri gitu..yang membawa gue untuk berpikir "Ini orang kenapa sih ? waras ato kagak?"..tau -taunya...lo nggak waras ya bi haha! ampe sekarang lo masih aneh! anehnya kocak bi! "You will not be forgotten Comrade".

-Kevin/Nyemog..Nyemog ? Mantan anak 7D yang dapet nama panggilan Nyemog dari kakak kelas gara - gara waktu itu dia diejekin bibirnya item sama kakak kelas itu..yang satu ini temenya Audri..dan gue langsung otomatis mikir bahwa dia sama kayak Audri..baik perilaku maupun yang lainya..dan Ups..tau - taunya gue salah..dia suka sama...maaf..p**n* (harus disensor ya)..walopun dia suka sama itu,tapi otak kananya bener- bener kreatif dan buku catetan ato latianya pasti penuh dengan sketsa robot- robot ato senjata- senjata yang berasal dari imaginasinya.waktu itu dia jadi tukang kebon di drama "Namarina" (Starring Rizky Amalia dan Wahyu Rizky Pratama). dan sahabatnya Abi en Afif. Sayangnya, dia ngilang pas dia bilang mao Umrah..tapi dia nggak balik-balik lagi..yang gue tau sekarang dia lagi di Singapur udah mao lulus SMA

-Kentang..Anak cewe tinggi ini nama aslinya Alyssa Siagian,dia hampir setinggi Audri..oh ya dia jago banget main basket..kalo disuruh milih MVP cewek gue milih dia deh..lincah banget gerakan-gerakanya,trus rambutnya aslinya lurus loh haha

-Claudia..dulu seinget gue ya Claudia pake kacamata deh..tapi sekarang pake kontak lens kali jadi kacamatanya ngilang...haha nggak banyak sih yang gue tau tentang ini anak,yang jelas dia dulu tuh 7A ajaa..dia juga lumayan pinter

-Gilang..Mantan 7D..apa ya? anaknya asik trus enak diajak ngobrol deh dia haha.

-Diandra..orang yang "GAOWL" banget dulu, gaya ngomongnya beda dari cewe- cewe lainya,tapi bikin kocak haha..

-Riry anak cewe di kelas 8d yang lebih sering berbaur ke cowok daripada ke cewek2 di kelas

-Dina..Dina..hmm! anak pinter dari Harapan Ibu,gue denger dia waktu SD pernah masuk kelas unggulan gitu..tapi waktu itu denger dari mana ya? lupa..hehe tapi anaknya baik kok..bikin kompak kelas juga.

-Nabila...sumpeh pertama kali gue liat ni anak..pendieeeem banget..gue nggak pernah liat dia buka mulut dulu..cuma ngeliat dia senyum- senyum doang waktu itu..TAU-TAUNYA..haha pokoknya dia salah satu orang yang bikin kompak kelas.

-Dyla..sosok rupa yang mirip Nur..dari awal gue ketemu dia,gue udah tau dia tuh anak yang rajin sama pinter..tebakan gue bener ternyata haha.

-Atika & Balqis..tau nggak kenapa gue gabungin mereka berdua jadi 1? nggak. bukan gara- gara males..mereka bener- bener mirip sifatnya..cuma fisiknya aja lah yang beda..gimana ya? mereka Duo Emas deh dikelas 8D..pinter banget..trus suka lagu Jepang..rajin..apalagi ya? "Volumenya" bisa dinaikkin haha.

mungkin itu pikiran- pikiran pertama gue tentang mereka yang belom gue kenal,kalo buat yang lainya gue udah kenal..kayak Menyor,Arfi,Pantat,Pur..dll....
ya itulah 8D..dari pengalaman gue tiga tahun..kelas yang paling enak tuh 8D & 9D...
8D ama 9D tuh seimbang enaknya...soalnya bener bener enak disana...7B enak sih..tapi nggak seenak 8D ama 9D hahahaha...

Ya cuma itulah yang gue bisa ketik sekarang...yang 9D gue ketik di postingan sendiri aja ya ntar haha...sumpah kangen abis gue sama lo semuaaa...hahaha see yaa

-With Joy, Rayindra Brayantyo-

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

- Mingkem Squadron -

Tau nggak? nggak? ya lo bakalan tau ntar...huhuhu(?)

-Mingkem Squadron/Geng Tolil-
adalah sekolompok orang-orang gila yang kerjaanya nge gosip,ngelawak jayus ama ngelakuin hal hal aneh,hal-hal gila..pokoknya di luar batas normal deh, nama Mingkem Squadron waktu itu dateng dari Afif kalo nggak salah.. waktu kelas 8 (KELAS 8D!!! WAAA!!!!!!!) kebetulan gue lagi cerita-cerita ke dia tentang gem yang namanya Ace Combat yang disitu ada grup namanya Afif langsung nyambung (gara gara si Abi mulutnya sering mingkem) dia bikin namanya Mingkem Squadron..haha jadi deh Mingkem Squadron,
yang terdiri dari..bentar gue ambil dari blognya afif dulu

1.Rizky Ramadhan Abimanyu
(The Mingkem)

ni orang tu kocak abis, dulu diem suka mingkem,sekarang jadi bahan ledekan...emang si ngomongnya ga jelas, futoi(gendut), kimoi(dekil), tapi tetep dia itu baik, tapi kalo ngejar udah kaya babi hutan yg paling kuat. di sisi lain dia berbakat dalam ekonomi, sejarah, politik, dll

------------------------------------1st Justice Commander-----------------------------
2.Afif M.F.(i am)

(The Stallion)
ini gua, orang paling keren...galah. you've seen my profile

--------------------------------------2nd Shieldred Comander----------------------------

3.Rayindra Brayantyo
(The Bright Shield)

dia temen gua sejak kls 7. pertama dia masih ngeselin, ngejek, dan meremehkan gua. tapi......semenjak .hack//g.u . muncul, kita jadi berteman. lalu kls 8 kita jadi makin deket dan....egggghh.enggak enggak, pokoknya dia tu kata orang2 freak tapi ya baik si baik..

---------------------------------1st Strategist Commander--------------------------------
4.Luthfi Laudri Nadhira

(The Brainstorm)

ni orag paling pinter se-angkatan. pertama ktemu dia tu dieeemm, trus jadi temen deh, tau knapa lupa. ya bgitulah

------------------------------------1st Heroes Commander---------------------------------

5.Fatih Aulia(petrelly)

(The Serenade)
Dia orang gila dan paling ganteng...egghhhh(boong) yg gua kenal. saingan lawak gua kls 8. sekarang karena ga sekelas jadi udah ga saingan lagi. dia adalah beberapa di antara orang yg buat gua ga mau kalah untuk main guitar.

-----------------------------------------2nd Heroes Commander--------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

6.Wahyu R.P.

(The Anxious)
ini orang udah ky saru beneran, nomongnya yg cepet banget, bisa ngucapin "lagi" dalam 1 detik 3 kali . paling heboh pokoknya. kalo misalnya kalah sesuatu klo ga marah paling ngambek.

-------------------------------3rd Heroes Commander-------------------------------------

7.M.Luthfi Hadafi

(The Avenged)

Dia orang yg pertama kali dipanggil homo. tapi kayaknya emang bener sih.
orangnya kocak, agak blank, reaksinya lambat. tapi baik hati dan penyayang...egghh...

--------------------------------------2nd Tactical Commander---------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

8.M. Aditya Abdurrahman

(The Duckside)
Dia orang yg lebih pendek dari gua..tapi bibir, tangan, dan kedewasaan lebih gede daripada gua, tiap malem(kayaknya) pacaraan mulu.... dia sekarang yg menyandang gelar orang paling
homo taun ini.

---------------------------------------1st Wise Commander---------------------------------

9.Bonavacio diaz kevin

(The Smokers)
Dia adalh si bibir item yg merantau ke negri jiran(bukan malysia, satunya lagi)
dia orngnya raja hentai, kaya, rumah ada lift, sopirnya polisi bbeeeee......
ya gitulah, oh ya saingan gambar gua

-------------------------------3rd Justice Commander-------------------------------------

10.Tossy Adahir
(The Arcana)
Dia anak baru di kelas 8, pertama pendieeemm gitu, trus jadi gila tau knapa? tanya knapa?
dia juga punya love interest yg membuat dia jadi cerdas, tapi, krn sekarang udah ga sekelas dia nilainya jadi turun gitu.

-------------------------------2nd Relic Commander---------------------------------------

11.Arfi Raya
(The Slayers)
pertama kali gua liat dia, gua kira dia anak gaul gitu, tapi ternyata baik. mau ngasi duit, tapi suka ngaatain taunya rumahnya deket ama rumah gua yg dulu

-----------------------------1st Sapiens Commander--------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

12.Irfan Alvianto

(The Asspank)
sama kaya arfi gua kira dia anak gaul. tapi ternyata kocak, homo. katanya sih dulu giginya
maju banget, tp sekarang pake behel.


ya jadi itu lah sodara sodara diambil dari blognya afif,

-Facts about Mingkem Squadron-

1.Sering banget ke Blitz (Grand Indonesia) buat nonton ama maen Game Sphere rame rame
2.Nongkrong di 9D with the best people
3.lumayan suka makan di sigit pulang sekolah
4.suka "HANK-OUT" gitu deeeech di lobby pas pulang sekolah rumah babal
6.maen donal bebek
7.dengerin lagu
8.sok homo (bukan homo beneran serius)

-Dari Afif-
1.gua baru 2 kali ke blitz
3.gua sukanya aconk
5.gua baru sekali ke rumah babal

oke fif!

teruusss....terserah yang lain lah maonya apaan haha
pokoknya intinya itu..
we're a rag tag group of boys that brings wonders to the world
hahaha paaan sih

Yo check it out..Ipam out