Thursday, October 8, 2009

Metal Gear Blog-It

Ever heard of Metal Gear ? Of course you have. That iconic cool voice of Snake the protagonist,the cool gadgets,and walking tanks. it's almost impossible to miss a game as awesome as THAT! In "Metal Gear" you play the role of Solid Snake ( Real name David) a soldier sent by his higher-ups to inflitrate some rogue military base or something... but as Snake ventures deeper into Zanzibar Land (the base that Snake sneaks in) he discovers that "Big Boss" his commanding officer,also his father (still unknown to him) is leading the terrorist faction to start an all-out war against the world. Yeah sure,Snake stopped him of course :)..but is"Big Boss" truly dead? After the events of Metal Gear,Hideo Kojima would turn to make add another game to the this time it's called Metal Gear Solid..

Snake, now retired, is plunged back into the deep world of tactical espionage with Campbell as his C.O and other dudes and homos whatever. This time he seeks to destroy Foxhound..the
once mercenary turned military group founded by his father, Big Boss,this time he's up against his brother Liquid Snake..and he must sneak or shoot his way past through the guards in Shadow Moses Island..this is the game that started the Metal Gear Solid franchise! and you'd be a fool if you didn't play this game..for gamers i mean..

And Snake also has a great sense of humor.

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