Sunday, October 10, 2010

Is change a bad thing... or a good thing?

Why do people change? Are they merely just adapting to their new friends and schools? is it really necessary for them to change? I'm still confused. Change could be a good thing or a bad thing.. friends, your loved ones started to change, they are no longer the same person who they were 4-3 years ago. They don't have the same personality they used to have. Looking back on all the good memories makes me really sad, I repeatedly cried and asked myself "Can I go back to the past and re-live these moments?" Of course not.

I was living in a child fantasy thinking that I could travel back in time and experience the past once again. but what if I could? would I really travel back in time? and if given the chance, would I change my past? I would do it and NOT change a thing. My past is already flawless. there's no reason to do that. heh, as if we can change the past.

As we get older, Life gets tougher. Time flows fast and people change. We can't always have fun all the time can we? No, If time moves fast, then we've gotta move faster. If life gets tough, then we've gotta toughen up. I've been so blinded and furious. Whining all the time because my friends have changed and they're no longer the same, etc. But then I realized, behind that whining and anger... I myself has changed too. Accept it. We can't stop change. Not ever. The answer lies within yourself.. will you change for the better good? or for worse? It all depends on you.

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